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Mr. Hafkenschiel is an entrepreneur, web developer and licensed attorney from Silicon Valley, California. He has been building large-scale web and mobile apps for startup companies for 15+ years helping companies and individuals create a web presence with clean, professional, and friendly web sites and top notch search engine results as well as developing the technology for early-stage startup companies using modern tech-stacks, test driven development and engaging user experience.

Mobile App & Web Developer.

He has founded or co-developed several web companies including: Seedstages, Real Identities, GetCryptoTax, theWimzy, Cityblooms, and Fantasy Congress.

  • Website: ianhafkenschiel.com
  • Location: Remote (US Office Hours)
  • Frontend: React Native, ReactJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Jest
  • Experience: 15+ years
  • Degrees: MBA, JD
  • Backend: Python, NodeJS, Express, Apollo GraphQL, WatermelonDB, AWS Cloud, Firebase

Mr. Hafkenschiel's education includes prep at Phillips Andover, a Bachelors in Economics and Computer Science from Claremont McKenna College in 2008, a Masters in Business Administration and a Doctor of Law from Santa Clara University in 2012, and he is a licensed attorney in Washington State. He most recently worked at BuildOps as a Mobile Team Lead in React Native with GraphQL and WatermelonDB.


Client-side web development (React.JS, Apollo GraphQL, Javascript, TypeScript)

Server-side web programming (PHP, Node.JS, Express.JS, Java, Python, REST, Wordpress, C++)

Mobile App development (React Native, PhoneGap – iOS, Android)

Databases (MySQL, WatermelonDB, MongoDB, Firebase)

Website design (Storybook, Bootstrap, CSS, SASS/LESS, Flexbox)

Graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator)

Mobile Mockups (Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Sketchup)

DevOps/CICD (Prettier, ESLint, Husky, Atlassian/Github, Webpack, Babel)

Cloud monitoring (Sentry.io, AWS Cloudwatch, DataDog)

Pitch decks, Project management (Jira, Gitflow, Trellom, Agile Scrum), SEO & SEM

React Native
NodeJS / Express
GraphQL / Apollo



Master of Computer Science (MS-CS)

Withdrew in 2021

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Software Analysis and Testing (89.6%).

Withdrew to focus on AT&T job.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2009 - 2012

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Specialized in Entrepreneurship. First-place in Internal Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC 2010). First place for Internet/mobile category in CAPE business plan competition (CAPE 2012)

Juris Doctor (JD)

2009 - 2012

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Specialized in Intellectual Property Law. High Tech Law Institute, Law and Business Club, Katherine and George Alexander Community Law Clinic (Workers' Rights). Elective classes: Technology Licensing, Venture Capital Law, Patent Law, Legal Issues of Start-up Businesses, Internet Law, Law of Nonprofit Organizations

Bachelor of Arts (Economics + Computer Science)

2004 - 2008

Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA

Economics major with Computer Science Sequence. Co-founded Fantasy Congress. Computer Science Teaching Assistant/Grader, Silicon Valley ITAB, ASCMC (Beckett Dorm President)

Professional Experience

Rock Rabbit

Jan 2024 - Present

Senior React Native Developer

As the sole Senior React Native Mobile App Developer at a $3.1M funded energy rebate startup, Rock Rabbit, I spearheaded the development and optimization of the mobile app, focusing on user experience and performance enhancement.

  • Implementing photo compression algorithms, significantly reducing upload times.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving critical app crashes to enhance reliability.
  • Upgrading project cost field functionalities, improving user interaction.
  • Leading code reviews, sprint planning, and daily stand-up meetings to align project direction and progress.
  • Conducting comprehensive unit testing to ensure high reliability and functionality.
  • Adopting best practices in React Native, fostering code standardization and efficiency.

Abundant Health Acquisition (aha!)

Feb - Dec 2023

Senior React Native Developer

  • Managed and upheld the health insurance claims application for Presbyterian Health Systems' client using React Native.
  • Transitioned the app from static layout content to consuming the Sitecore API, enabling clients' non-coders to update dynamic content independently. Implemented an efficient caching system and static content backup, optimizing the content update process for increased speed and reliability. Collaborated with stakeholders to enhance user experience, integrating dynamic content updates seamlessly into the React Native application.
  • Architected and implemented an intricate login system leveraging Okta, seamlessly intertwining app login and in-app browser login. This intricate system not only fortified security measures but also provided a streamlined and cohesive authentication experience for users.
  • Implemented cross-platform mobile app features using React Native, integrating essential libraries like @reduxjs/toolkit and @react-navigation for state management and navigation. Integrated Firebase services for analytics, and @sentry/react-native for error tracking, ensuring a robust and efficient development process.


May 2021 - Feb 2023

Senior React Native Developer

  • Converting DirecTV Stream from Angular and React Native Mobile to React Native for Web. Starting as a single person R&D project, launched as the production DirecTV Stream web app to replace the existing Angular web app and helped train Angular team members to crossover onto the new React Native Web team. Ad and Analytic Reporting (Comscore, Adobe Heartbeat, Nielsen, New Relic, etc.).
  • Leading development team in migration of DTV Everywhere into DTV Stream. Accessibility support for DTVE. Spearheaded transition to component driven development using Storybook (being used as a proof of concept for the whole company).
  • Worked on ATT.tv (DirecTV Stream) app in React Native for Web and converted into Tizen for Samsung Smart TVs with Webpack. Subject matter expert in React Navigation - upgrading from v2 to v5. Recruited 2 team members from my last startup Seedstages. Managed Jira tasks, 2x weekly team standup meetings, pull request reviews, writing interview tests and running interviews in addition to daily coding.


Jan - Feb 2022


  • In one month, built a proof of concept no-backend React Native mobile app for an autonomous roaming vending machine vehicle using Square Inventory and Payments API, Onfleet Driving API, Mapbox API, and Auth0 API. Mentored a robotics program manager to become a React Native UI developer using Native Base, Flexbox and Figma.

Seedstages, Inc.

2020 - 2021

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Managed over 100 person company of app developers (React Native, Python, Firebase), UX engineers (Figma, Adobe XD), data scientists (R, Tableau, Tensorflow, D3.js), cybersecurity, and marketers to build a mobile app and web platform to connect students with startup internships.
  • Taught upskilling workshops in ReactJS, mockups, and UI engineering. Trained project managers in React Native & Django.
  • Claremont Game Lab


    Entrepreneur In Residence

    • Led a team of Harvey Mudd CS students and CGU MS in UX student with co-founder B.A. Gorshteyn under the supervision of Prof. Hovig Tchalian to research the market, develop a profitable and scalable business model and build a mobile app prototype in React Native and Python.

    Real Identities LLC

    2018 - 2020

    Lead Software Developer

    • Built and maintained a web app (Codeigniter PHP) to help controlled product gatekeepers identify fake IDs.


    2016 - Present

    Web Developer

    • Web Development (PHP, Javascript, Java, Python), UI/UX Design (Bootstrap), React Native Mobile Apps, PhoneGap Mobile apps, Magento 1 & 2 (migration, upgrades, design, mass data import), Wordpress (custom plugins, templates), UI/UX development (Photoshop, Illustrator, Hotjar).
    • Scalepeople.com + Labpeople.com (Magento 2 Upgrade, Mass Data Importer, Cybersecurity), FindMyChi.com (Custom wordpress theme and plugins), ID.Training (Codeigniter PHP Custom Build) HoneyColony.com (Wordpress), Seedstages (django/flask/meteor/react python), Luminous Codex (PHP), TheCoinJungle.com (Wordpress Design), Scientocracy.io (Meteor React), Piece2Gether (Codeigniter PHP), Wiser Sites (maintaining large Wordpress sites – eg. Standex Electronics) Repair Shop Solutions (iOS and Android app front-end), Houston Ticket Brokers (Wix + Logo Design), tests4geeks.com (Tutorial Writing on Git)

    GetCryptoTax LLC

    2018 - 2020


    • Built and operated a revenue-positive website that helps cryptocurrency traders calculate their capital gains for tax filing. Featured on CNBC and Business Insider.

    Mosaic Research


    Cryptocurrency Writer

    • Researched cryptocurrency topics and wrote papers for fund managers.

    Cityblooms LLC

    2013 - 2016

    Lead Web Developer

    • Developed the web IP for a rooftop hydroponic farming startup in PHP and MySQL as well as UI and UX, including building live data charting, text message alerts, crop scheduling, maintenance system, and product inquiry surveys.
    • Designed and built REST API responsive iPad web app front-end UI in bootstrap, javascript, jQuery and AJAX. Building and maintaining Wordpress and Drupal sites and SEO.
    • Building MVC-structured, responsive web app using PHP, Ajax, JSON, Javascript, and CSS.
    • Also graphic design, market and competitive research, patent research, PR, CRM, internet advertising, merchandise, business plan and executive summary writing, financial forecasting, pitch decks, web copy writing, social media, and strategy.
    • Featuring in Fast Company and Huffington Post.


    2012 - 2014


    • Built a social network centered around group purchases of event deals. Won first place for Internet/mobile category in CAPE business pitch competition. Pitched at VCIC Santa Clara and Plug 'N Play.

    Fantasy Congress LLC

    2006 - 2008


    • Co-developed and brainstormed a fantasy football-style political game using Congressional bills and other data parsed daily from Thomas.gov. The app was written in Java Servlets, featured in NYTimes, on the front page of LATimes among other things and gained about 80,000 users before we took it down. Received partnership offers from Prentice Hall, MSNBC, Pajamas Media. Acqui-hire offer and contracting deal with Politico (KingMaker)