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Blue bridge
React Native / Android / Bridges

Building a Bluetooth Bridge in React Native for Android

May 6, 20243 min read
Apple headquarters
React Native / iOS / Bridges

Building an iOS Bridge in React Native

May 5, 20242 min read
Numbered race track
React Native / Optimization / Performance

Optimizing Performance in React Native for Complex, Image-Heavy, and Large Lists

May 3, 20243 min read
Fabric texture
React Native

Exploring Fabric: The New Architecture for React Native

May 1, 20243 min read
Hand in foreground with camera focus showing background
React Native

Managing Focus and App States in React Native

Apr 30, 20243 min read
Phone with fingerprint biometric scanner
React Native

Exploring the Limits: Native Features Not Directly Supported by React Native

Apr 29, 20243 min read
Cows with ear tags
React Native

Understanding Refs in React Native

Apr 26, 20243 min read
Keys in boxes
React Native / Optimization

Understanding the Importance of Keys in React Native

Apr 25, 20243 min read
A computer with a refreshable braille display.
React Native

Enhancing Accessibility in React Native

Apr 24, 20242 min read